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Jean-Luc Foucher-Créteau

Managing Director, Palais des Thés

« Russia is a huge reservoir of growth » ! 

Jean-Luc Foucher-Créteau, Managing Director of Palais des Thés, lives in Moscow where he has set up a subsidiary and opened the brand’s first store…

Interview conducted by Antoine Leygonie-Fialko

An open dialogue followed by an executive coaching session

I first met Jean-Luc at a Managing Directors’ dinner organised by the France-Russia Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to our shared passion for tea we hit it off straight away. Since then, I regularly stock up at his beautiful shop on Pokrovka Street…

Read the lastest interview…

Our Clients and Recepients


Philippe Mangin — Directeur Projet Immobilier — 


Antoine has a very professional approach, and still he manages to build closeness and real truthfulness…

Guillaume Haushalter

Directeur Général

SANOFI Pasteur (Russie & Biélorussie)

Antoine, you helped me challenge myself. And you made me realise what I needed. Now I fill boosted. I am looking forward to implementing all that we have discussed…

Vincent Lootens

Directeur du Développement Omni-Canal


I am delighted with the analytical work you helped me conduct. Your questions are very relevant and your way to structure them highly supported me to clarify and  sharpen my views. I feel much more serene…

Frédéric Péchoux — Directeur des Achats — 

General Electric

I never had before the opportunity to elaborate so well my experience in Russia, what I got from it and what I learnt. Antoine asked the good questions and helped me have an in-depth thinking

Philippe Mangin

Directeur Projet Immobilier — AUCHAN

Antoine managed to use various technics to adjust to the different questions I was facing. 

Frédéric Capellier



I highly recommend Antoine to GMs who face a specific challenge or simply the loneliness of managers…

Yoann Vincent

General Manager


Thank you, Antoine, for this work together. I highly appreciated the methodology of your questioning and your ability to adapt in order to help me find the solution by myself…

Dominik Bayvet

General Manager


During our coaching sessions I highly appreciated your professionalism, your analytic skills and synthesis capability that you offered me without trying to influence my decisions. In the end, those face-to-face sessions were a mirror for my thoughts and made me achieve a tremendous personal growth. Thank you, Antoine…

Philippe Mangin

Directeur Projet Immobilier — AUCHAN

I could feel a real peace in him…

Arnaud Trousset — General Manager — RILOS

Antoine has a very humane vision of business which enables free speech 

and key priorities to dredge to the surface.

Yves Frérot — General Manager — HIPERCOM

During our talk, you confronted me with questions I never really asked to myself. While doing so, you entered my space and pushed me to explore my deepest thoughts! Thank you, Antoine, for this invaluable moment of exploration.

Sébastien Pillot — Managing Director — 

Faiveley Transport Russia

I want to congratulate Antoine for the work we did together. He managed to challenge my principles and beliefs so as to move away the mountains that I had put in my way to progress…

André-Marc Prudent 

First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board — Rosbank

I was impressed by the way Antoine could adapt instantly to my needs. With no preparation, he managed to question my intentions and help me think over my plans.  Antoine has strong perceptiveness and knows how to build a trustful atmosphere. I highly recommend him…

Vincent Cabanne

Executive Director, Infrastructure and PPP Department


Antoine has high listening skills and adaptation capacity. His strong professional competencies and his empathy helped me a lot. I often recommend Antoine…

Stéphane Roth 

past-Chief of Staff International Marketing / Communication / Client Service Department — Cartier

« Antoine is a very dedicated coach, full of empathy and with strong analytical skills, who constantly adjusts his approach to the topics discussed to ensure that his client achieves his session's objective. He listens carefully so as to ensure that every subject is addressed while sharing insightful experiences so as to foster a comprehensive discussion. I highly recommend his skills and personality for anyone who wants to grow from within as well as to achieve professional transformation in one's career… »

Tanguy Putz  — Business Unit Manager — 

KTM Advance

I was coached by Antoine in order to re-engage my Business Unit’s team while my company under restructuration. He helped me achieve my goals, and also helped me realise my professional priorities had changed …

Audrey Delval  — Général Manager — 

AD & Band

Thanks to Antoine, I regained my passion for my work. Antoine can support anyone with reaching one’s goals and self-understanding. I highly recommend him…

Françoise Rigard 

Général Manager — TERRE Ltd - Air&Eau OOO

Antoine made me achieve a tremendous analytical work which enabled me reactivate facets of my personality that I had forgotten. He help me take advantage of them. He boosted my inner energy that I couldn’t believe I still had in me…

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