Grégoire Amigues

What motivates me?

I help business leaders to update, calibrate, interpret and trust their personal inner compass in order to make it relevant to business situations. I call this work Personal Integration. With Personal Integration, engaging humanity in business is no longer a stretch or a crusade; it becomes the leader’s signature and an inspiration for others.

« Business leaders are faced with an increasing number of paradoxical expectations from stakeholders, such as simultaneously delivering both impact and profit, or concurrently seeking meaning and performance. 

To navigate these complex territories leaders must rely on their own judgement and ethics, which requires a constant and reliable connection to their personal inner compass. »

What can you expect?

The gravitas gained from Personal Integration is of tremendous help to leaders when they come across situations that call on their personal values and beliefs

Example of such situations include: defining or redefining a company purpose; introducing human leadership; integrating performance and impact; mobilising younger teams; re-igniting meaning in action; redesigning work-life balance; identifying the next step, sometimes the next ladder, to climb.

« Personal Integration is the process through which we activate and align all aspects of our personality: body, mind, heart and spirit. 

These four control centres, as well as the art of integrating them, are the pillars of inner consistency. And inner consistency is what sets our inner compass’ north. »

How do we do this?

An essential part of the work consists in identifying the qualities that have driven your success so far. As you become more aware of these qualities, Personal Integration helps to see how they relate to one another and, together, inform your thoughts, nourish your beliefs, trigger your emotions and ground your deeds. 

« You will begin to perceive connections between parts of yourself that you believed were—or ought to be—separated.

You will develop a stronger sense of inner consistency. 

You will learn to trust your judgement more. 

You will gain confidence in dealing with the non-quantifiable. 

Your creativity will be stimulated. And your leadership charisma will expand. »


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