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Multipliers: How the best leaders maker everyone smarter 

— by Liz Wiseman (President of the Wiseman Group & Bestselling Author) — WBECS 2017

How to have the guts to create breakthrough moments 

— by Marcia Reynols (PsyD, Master Certified Coach, Training Director, Healthcare Coaching Institute) — WBECS 2017

The paradox of Leadership: Navigating the new realities 

— by David Peterson (Executive Coaching & Leadership at Google) — WBECS 2017

How to become a recognized expert 

— by Dorie Clark (Author of #1 Leadership Book & Recognized Branding Expert) — WBECS 2017

The new frontier in systemic team coaching: beyong the high performing team 

— by Peter Hawkins (World Leading Consultant, Writer and Researcher in Leadership) — WBECS 2017

Being who you are and not who you’re not: The key to becoming who you want to be 

— by Cathy Salit (Author & Speaker) — WBECS 2017

What got you here won’t get you there 

— by Marshall Goldsmith (#1 Leadership Thinker & NYT Bestselling Author, Executive coach) — WBECS 2017

Evolutionary coaching: The impact of Ego-soul dynamics on personal growth and development 

— by Richard Barrett (Chairman and Founder at Barrett Values Centre) — WBECS 2017

Discover the Last Mile Technique LIVE Immersion Training 

— by Dr. David Drake (Founder of Center for Narrative Coaching & Leadership)

The science of attention and what it means for coaching

Robert Biswas-Diener (Ph.D., PCC)

Go hack yourself


Jean-François Noubel

Enhancing behavior change through motivational science 


Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez (Stanford University trained psychologist)

Building a wildly successful coaching practice

Ora Shtull (MBA, PCC) and William Arruda (M.Ed.)


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