Training « Manager-Coach »


Train the managers to act as « manager-coach » to complement their « leader » and « directive » managing style

Benefits for your managers

Your managers will learn to empower and motivate their team using coaching tools in order to:

  • Raise awareness and clarifying goals
  • Unlock their subordinates’ potential
  • Help their subordinates to be autonomous and keen on responsibilities

For whom? 

This training is designed for managers at any level of the organisation

Benefits for your company


Better Atmosphere at work


Increase Productivity


Increase Engagement of your team


Team Operates better

source: HCI (Human Capital Industry) & ICF, 2016


The training is designed to give your managers the mindset, essential skills, and structured process they need to accelerate development and bring out the best in their team

The training offers a skills-based interactive approach with plenty of opportunities for participants to practice, so that it can be immediately applied in the workplace

Program outline

Day 1

Day 2

  • Use Non Violent Communication to motivate
  • Be « true » with your emotions to build trust and be an inspiring leader
  • Apply the 3 brains theory
  • Deal with the « uncomfortable » discussions

« This training has completely changed my approach to management. 

Antoine is a great and innovative trainer. Very inspiring! »

Managing Dir. of Dealercenter for RENAULT Russia, May 2018